Allergy to Dogs, Cats and Other Animals

Some people have allergy symptoms when exposed to cats and dogs, other more exotic pets or farm animals, and animal products such as fur, gloves, feather quilts, etc. Usually, symptoms will occur quickly, sometimes within minutes after exposure to the animal. For some people, symptoms may build and become most severe eight to 12 hours after they have had contact with the animal.  If you are exposed to cats or dogs and you are sick most of the time, the best way to prove that the cat or dog is the only reason for your symptoms is to get an allergy test done. There are so many other allergens in the air that can be also responsible for your suffering singly or hand in hand with your pets.

The dander, urine, and saliva of animals including cats and dogs are the cause of the allergy symptoms; it is not just the hair.   These invisible allergens can land in the eyes or nose, or be inhaled directly into the lungs and can produce symptoms such as asthma, hay fever, hives or eczema. 

What can be done?  If separating yourself from the pet is not possible or unacceptable, allergy treatment immunotherapy (allergy shots) to cats and dogs is effective in building your resistance to meet the challenge of living with a cat or a dog. Our experience tells us that immunotherapy for cat allergy is extremely effective.

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