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These articles address common questions and concerns for allergy and asthma sufferers. Use the sidebar menu to quickly jump to other articles.

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What is allergy?  Allergy is an adverse reaction to certain substances such as foods we eat, inhalants we breath, contactants
Adults who suffer from allergic rhinosinusitis have one or more of the following complaints: Runny, stuffy, and itchy nose Excessive
Sinus Allergy is commonly referred to as chronic sinusitis. Allergy is the main reason for recurrent sinus infections. Allergy is
Sinus headaches are common and relate to problems in the nose and sinuses. Sufferers have one or more of the
Migraine headaches are common but less frequent than sinus headaches.  Sufferers have one or more of the following complaints: Severe
Cough is a common complaint.  If it lasts more than 8 weeks, cough is described as chronic.  The presence of shortness
Shortness of breath can be a serious problem.  It can happen suddenly or gradually. Allergy and asthma are common causes of
Asthma is an intermittent disease caused by hyperactive airways (bronchial tubes), and affects children and adults of all ages.  The most